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How We Can Help You


If a loved one has a disability and is no longer able to manage his or her own affairs, guardianship might be necessary. We appear in guardianship courtrooms every day and have an intricate understanding of guardianship law. We assist families, financial institutions, and care management agencies through all phases of the guardianship process.

We handle complex and contested guardianship matters. If an alleged person with a disability opposes a guardianship, we can pursue the guardianship over their objection with sensitivity and compassion. We also have extensive experience in pursuing financial exploiters and seeking to recover misappropriated funds.


When someone other than a parent needs to seek legal custody of a minor, one must seek court appointment as a guardian. If a minor receives money, whether through inheritance, legal settlement, or otherwise, legal guardianship is often required by state law, even where the parents are involved.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide you through this sensitive process and ensure the minor is protected.


Aside from the emotional toll, the death of a loved one presents legal challenges. We can help you administer a decedent's estate and advise you whether it is necessary to initiate an action in the probate court. Often, there is no need for court involvement. We also advise interested parties about their rights in decedents' estates, such as construing wills and filing claims against estates such as spousal awards or statutory custodial claims. In the event an estate representative abuses his or her position, we can assist you in holding the representative accountable. We often pursue actions against estates such as demands for an accounting, actions for breach of fiduciary duty or undue influence, citations to discover and recover assets, and citations to remove the representative.

Illinois law sets strict filing deadlines after the death of a loved one, so it is vital to contact counsel promptly to ensure you are not unknowingly waiving your rights.


Stern McQuiston, LLC assists families in crafting their estate plans. We have a practical approach to estate planning and believe that a straight-forward plan is often the best means to accomplish your goals. Contact us to discuss drafting or amending your will, powers of attorney, or revocable living trust.


We are also experienced in special needs planning. If a loved one has a disability, a special needs trust can help preserve assets to supplement that person's care and enrich his or her life significantly. 

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